Creating Spring Boot MVC application with AWS DynamoDB in 10 mins

AWS DynamoDB DB is a serverless NOSQL database. You can understand how to build a spring boot Java web MVC application (Game Leaderboard) reading a AWS DynamoDB in 10 mins.

Source of the demo code:

Command to run the project:
mvn spring-boot:run

Video explain the table design:

Prerequisite: Install the AWS CLI:

Video explain the how to create the table:


Divya Sharma said…
This article offers a quick and efficient guide to building a Spring Boot Java web MVC application using AWS DynamoDB, complete with demo code and helpful video tutorials. It is a Great resource! Thank you.
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Great tutorial! Your concise guide to building a Spring Boot app with AWS DynamoDB is invaluable. Thanks for sharing!

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Incredibly concise guide! Your post simplifies DynamoDB integration elegantly. Thanks for sharing!

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