Creating Spring Boot MVC application with AWS DynamoDB in 10 mins

AWS DynamoDB DB is a serverless NOSQL database. You can understand how to build a spring boot Java web MVC application (Game Leaderboard) reading a AWS DynamoDB in 10 mins. Source of the demo code: Command to run the project: mvn spring-boot:run Video explain the table design: Prerequisite: Install the AWS CLI: Video explain the how to create the table:

Develop Spring boot REST API in AWS - PART 4/4 (CodePipeline / CI CD)

This is the last video (part4) in this demo series. We will demonstrate how to create the whole CICD pipeline in this tutorial video.

It involves the following steps:

(1) Create CodePipeline

(2) Add build stage to pipeline
(3) Add deploy stage to pipeline
(4) Add manual approval step to pipeline


Elvis Papa said…
Hi Boris,

thank you for your tutorial. I have been following your steps in your tutorial and I have setup my AWS code pipeline for my project but the problem is that when my pipeline runs the Deployment stage is getting stuck in the install phase and after a lot of minutes times out. Any idea what can go wrong ?
Please find a screenshot with the failed step here:


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