Monday, February 11, 2013

Sample Apps: Spring data MongoDB and JSF Integration tutorial (PART 1)

In this year, I will start a new series of “Sample application Tutorials”. In this series of tutorial, a sample case study application will be built with different technologies. In this tutorial, sample JSF application with Spring Data MongoDB will be covered.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to sample application (MongoShop Product Catalog)
2. MongoDB schema design and data preparation
3. JSF (PrimeFaces) and Spring data MongoDB Integration
4. Enquriy data with spring data repository and mongotemplate
5. Create, Edit and delete data

Introduction to sample application
(MongoShop Product Catalog)

After this tutorial, a sample application (MongoShop Product Catalog) with the following functional requirement will be built:
1. Searching product with different criteria (e.g. sku, product type, title, stc)

2. Create a new product with different category.

3. Edit selected product details

4. Delete selected product from the enquiry screen.

Presentation Layer:
JSF is used as presentation layer technology in this sample application. PrimeFaces is a one of lightweight component for enhancing the JSF UI. Frontend interaction is controlled by JSF backing bean in this layer.

Service Layer:
Spring managed singleton service object is used. Business service and application logic are written in this layer

Data Layer:
Spring data MongoDB component is used. It provides integration with the MongoDB document-oriented database. It provides MongoTemplate so that MongoDB operation could be performed easily. Moreover, Spring repository style data access layer could be easily written with spring data MongoDB.

Part 2 of the tutorial ...

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